bio psycho social model

Bio-Psycho-Social Model

Bio-Psycho-Social Model Certain protocols used in the processes that start with patient examination, make a diagnosis, create a treatment plan, and evaluate the results in the field of medicine, as in every branch. [...]
patient undergoing manual therapy

Is Manual Therapy Harmful?

Is Manual Therapy Harmful? Manual Therapy is extremely safe and harmless when applied in expert hands. Is manual therapy harmful? It is a question that our patients get stuck in their minds. Manual [...]

Is It Possible to Heal Without Surgery?

Is It Possible to Heal Without Surgery? Is he really getting better? Will it just relax for a few months, then start again? Is the recovery complete? Is It Possible to Heal Without Surgery?… With years of experience [...]
woman recovering without surgery

Is Permanent Healing Possible?

Is permanent recovery possible? Healing is measured by the passing of the complaints caused by the current health condition. Local or general pain, numbness, tingling, swelling, discoloration felt by the patient [...]
heel spur treated patient

Heel Spur – Plantar Fascitis

Heel Spur – Plantar Fascitis The heel bone -calcaneus- has a circular structure. I think it is the most important bone of our foot that connects us to the earth by being in contact with the ground. while walking [...]
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