What is Manual Therapy?

It is the name given to the evaluation and treatment methods used to treat musculoskeletal diseases and pain in humans. These are manual treatments for optimal functioning of muscles, joints and nerves.

Technology Age Diseases

It is obvious that technology products, which have an important place in our lives and are constantly renewing themselves, make our lives easier. We can no longer imagine living without our smartphones, computers, tablets.

Bio-Psycho-Social Model

As in every branch, there are certain protocols used in the processes that start with the patient examination, make the diagnosis, create the treatment plan and evaluate the results in the field of medicine. These protocols have changed over time under the influence of some concepts.

Heel Spur – Plantar Fasciitis

The heel bone -calcaneus- has a circular structure. I think it is the most important bone of our foot that connects us to the earth by being in contact with the ground. The first area that touches the ground while walking is on the heel bone.

Is Manual Therapy Harmful?

Manual Therapy is extremely safe and harmless when applied in expert hands. Is manual therapy harmful? It is a question that our patients have in mind.

Is It Possible to Heal Without Surgery?

You don't have a hernia, you have a surgical hernia, if you don't have an emergency surgery, you will be paralyzed, don't get surgery again, manual therapy is the definitive solution, you get up in one session and you are filled with dozens of questions like these.

Is Permanent Healing Possible?

Healing is measured by the passing of the complaints caused by the current health condition. The patient may experience local or general pain, numbness, tingling, swelling, discoloration, etc. Refers to a specialist with complaints such as: Healing is also measured by the passing of these complaints.