Manual Therapy

"A pain-free life is possible."

Manual therapy is this manual therapy. This Physiotherapy treatment method applied by hand is applied by Physiotherapists. Physiotherapists become Manual Therapists by receiving special trainings at home and abroad after graduation. Manual therapy applications through detailed evaluation of patients begins; the patient is decided on the appropriate treatment; After the application, the symptoms in the person are followed up. As a professional who has attended nearly thirty trainings abroad and in the country, I provide extremely patient-oriented service. My trainings and my certificates now to get started.

As Manual Therapy Ankara team, we offer you a non-surgical, permanent recovery and a pain-free life service. A pain-free life is possible. The way to achieve this is to get professional support. I can give you professional treatment services in the concepts of Manual Therapy, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, IKOMT, Dorn therapy in Ankara. to listen to you; to understand better; help you feel and see that you are getting better thanks to manual therapy applications. to find scientific, safe ways Year 14 I left behind.

We especially treat non-surgical lumbar hernia and non-surgical neck hernia. Non-surgical treatment is only possible with manual therapy treatment. Is recovery possible without surgery? Don't worry about this question, there is a solution in manual therapy. Besides these; We offer many non-surgical treatment services such as low back - neck pain, fibromyalgia, migraine - headache, lymphedema treatment, joint pain, knee-shoulder-elbow treatment, orthopedic and sportive rehabilitation.

The treatment concepts we offer in Ankara;

  1. chiropractic treatment,
  2. osteopathy treatment,
  3. Manual Therapy,
  4. Dorn Therapy, 
  5. Clinical Pilates,
  6. Medical Massage,
  7. Dry Needling,
  8. Functional Exercise,
  9. Medical Fitness,
  10. It is Physiotherapy.

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Permanent Healing

Although it is sometimes necessary to have surgery, it is a situation that everyone fears and hesitates. This is where manual therapy comes into play; non-invasive methods are applied and you will recover. We recommend you daily life changes and exercises for permanent non-surgical recovery. Ankara is a city where you can get extremely safe and quality service in treatment. Many manual therapists offer their services. How to know you are going to the right manual therapist; did he listen to you enough, did he understand you; did you feel safe; do you have an expert stance; Do you feel good after the application is to question the answers to the questions. Sometimes you may need 8-10 sessions for your full recovery. Do not expect recovery in a short time. Your manual therapist will inform you.

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