July 22, 2022

What is a Frozen Shoulder? What are the Symptoms and Causes?

What is a Frozen Shoulder? What are the Symptoms? Frozen shoulder syndrome is a chronic condition characterized by intense pain and limitation of movement in the shoulder joint, which is called adhesive capsulitis in the medical literature. [...]
July 21, 2022

What is Non-Surgical Meniscus Tear Treatment?

What is Meniscus Tear? What are the Symptoms? Meniscal injuries can be treated without surgery with natural therapy, additional treatment and medical exercise methods applied according to the degree and level of deformation. Meniscus [...]
March 5, 2022

Herniated disc

What is Non-Surgical Lumbar Hernia? What are the Symptoms and Treatment Methods? The spinal cord disorder that causes the discs between the vertebrae in the lumbar region to rupture and compress the nerves is called herniated disc. [...]
manual therapy ankara

Manual Therapy Ankara

Manual Therapy Ankara As Manual Therapy Ankara team, we offer you a non-surgical, permanent recovery and a pain-free life service. A pain-free life is possible and the way to achieve it [...]
manual therapy patient

What is Manual Therapy?

What is Manual Therapy? What is Manual Therapy? What is Manual Therapy, evaluation and treatment for people, especially to treat musculoskeletal-related diseases and pain [...]
technology age diseases

Technology Age Diseases

Diseases of the Age of Technology It is obvious that technology products, which have an important place in our lives and are constantly renewing themselves, make our lives easier. We can no longer imagine living without our smartphones, computers, tablets. [...]
bio psycho social model

Bio-Psycho-Social Model

Bio-Psycho-Social Model Certain protocols used in the processes that start with patient examination, make a diagnosis, create a treatment plan, and evaluate the results in the field of medicine, as in every branch. [...]
patient undergoing manual therapy

Is Manual Therapy Harmful?

Is Manual Therapy Harmful? Manual Therapy is extremely safe and harmless when applied in expert hands. Is manual therapy harmful? It is a question that our patients get stuck in their minds. Manual [...]

Is It Possible to Heal Without Surgery?

Is It Possible to Heal Without Surgery? Is he really getting better? Will it just relax for a few months, then start again? Is the recovery complete? Is It Possible to Heal Without Surgery?… With years of experience [...]