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“People talk about their comfort when talking to me, I think I owe it to my experience during my apprenticeship.”

My apprenticeship was a period in which he encouraged me by giving me knowledge that cannot be bought with money. This period both hurts and empowers a newly born young man to repair the hurt and encourages him to continue again. People talk about their comfort when talking to me, I think I owe this to my experience during my apprenticeship. My patients trust me in everything, which makes me very proud because trust is as important to me as breathing. Good communication, talking and talking, touching with words are the foundations of the relationship I build with my patients.

“You explain it very well, you should teach it to others.” they said.

Everyone has personal goals in life. My personal goal was also on education. From time to time, I would find myself on a chair or in my hand imagining an anatomy map teaching my students. My dreams have always encouraged me to realize them, but I got the greatest encouragement from outside comments.

I unwittingly explain everything to the interns who come to our clinic periodically, show them my own methods and have them practice in different ways until I am sure they understand. Everyone who sees me working with interns will say, “You explain very well. You have to teach that to others as well.” It played a big role in helping me discover my educational side and focus on it. Education is something that excites me. I love to learn and pass on what I have learned to others.

“There was no physiotherapy profession in the past, but I discovered that I love it very much and that I am also resourceful.”

During my education period, the profession of physiotherapist was not very common and it was not known. It was my dream to learn human body anatomy. When I was a kid, while many of my friends were watching Tom and Jerry, I was looking forward to the release of a documentary-style cartoon called Cells. I won physiotherapy in 2003 and continued with the same career goal at university. Physiotherapy was a specialty for me that I both loved and felt capable of. I still feel the same emotions.

My first goal after graduation was to work in sports clubs. You get fast feedback on the work done with the athlete, and this return excites you. For example, while it takes 2 years for the function gain sessions on paralyzed patients in the neurological disease group to be successful, you can achieve the targeted success on athletes in just 2 months. I had a personality that likes to produce solutions and can be motivated by quick reaction, so I was realizing my first career planning on sports clubs and getting fast results.

"I wanted to see the results right away and I was the physiotherapist of Gençlerbirliği Sports Club"

“My 10-year career goal was to open a clinic in its 10th year. I achieved my goal with a 1-year deviation.”

When I started to experience professional life, I had prepared a 10-year career plan for myself. My goal at the end of these 10 years was to open my own clinic and I realized my career goal with 1,5 years deviation, this always motivates me.

I have gained a lot of experience in these 10 years. Working always with athletes or on the same branch of diseases did not teach me anything new, so I tried new clubs and new clinics. I worked on different diseases, I specialized.

My acquaintance with Kaan started in 2012 when Kaan came to me as an intern. When we started working with him, two characters with opposite sides turned into two tough duos who could solve problems very well when they came together. Basically we had a single focus to get along well; it was also business and we decided to open a clinic together. I am still very happy with this decision as on the first day. The high energy we have achieved in our clinic, my communication with my patients, and the positive feedback I receive make me highly motivated.

“Our perspective on working discipline, our passion for our work and our people-oriented approach played a big role in our decision to work together with Kaan Akın.”

Sometimes similar living and work conditions, similar troubles or problems make you work in harmony with a person and establish a good friendship. This is how we decided to start working with Kaan. Both Kaan and I could not freely apply the treatment methods we wanted to do at that time, but our passion for our work was very high. We have achieved the freedom to practice with our own methods by opening a joint clinic and therapy center with Kaan under the roof of Fizyoritim.

During the merger period under the same roof, I made certain analyzes; When we revealed our goals and strengths, we both evaluated people holistically, aimed to make them feel special, and wanted to make them a business and service model. It was our mission to always see the person in front of us as an individual, to move forward with empathy and to provide our services accordingly. We like to invest in people the most in our business and we adopt this. We have met and continue to meet very nice people throughout our professional life; we are a family when appropriate, and a friend when appropriate.

“Coming to the clinic every morning is as exciting for me as attending an event.”

Yes, I am a workaholic. But my job is also like my second home. I see my employees and patients as part of a family, and they come to our clinic feeling this comfort and convenience. This is so important to me that I am not actually doing work but enjoying life. Coming to the clinic every morning is as exciting as attending a special event, so my life is never a monotonous one. Every morning when I wake up, I choose my outfit and get ready to go to work, as diligently as I care about anything. This has become an enjoyable routine for me that has been going on for years and hasn't changed.

“I am a good watcher and observer. I observe the psychological pressure of the patients and advance the treatment plan accordingly.”

The feature that I put at the center of my life is that I am a good viewer. Although my work focuses on human anatomy, it would be a great mistake to ignore the effect of emotions on anatomy. Human anatomy progresses as a chain of the same wheel with psychology. For this reason, I monitor my patients before I start treatment. Emotions and reactions are the basic reflexes that reveal the progression of the disease in its barest form.

For example, when you are afraid, your back contracts. This is a normal reaction. If you are afraid when you think about something, your back will tighten again. This time, contraction occurs when there is no physical reality, and this situation poses a great threat to healthy life. It causes you to put blockages in your life without realizing it. It is possible and likely that your back will contract or ache after working hard. “I can't work, my back hurts when I work.” If you say so, it's a blockage: a big blockage that you put between your life and your work. Does your back hurt when you really work?

“We started working on ways to treat with the art of managing emotions.”

Children are not aware of the concept of time and space. That's why they live the moment as they are. Adults; they have more than one point of view in their subconscious while reacting to events. For this reason, adults unconsciously try to live in the moment with their emotional codes from the past by planning their future, evaluating their yesterdays, by keeping their social troubles and daily problems in their consciousness at every moment. In this case, I can easily say that unlike children, we, as adults, unfortunately do not live in the moment, we just spend time. The reflexes and reactions that occur in children are completely based on living in the moment, they do not enter into an emotional interaction. This is a tremendous truth. For example, a child who is about to jump from the 3rd Floor down onto the dune at the construction site will just jump. Whereas an adult confronts his fears before jumping, his body tenses, his body tenses up, he starts sweating, his heartbeat quickens. When we dealt with such situations, we decided to start studies on ways to treat with the art of managing emotions.

Having a child's soul and being a pure soul is a different matter. We are slaves to emotional reactions to the standard physical reactions we encounter in everyday life. The moment we are able to separate them, we can have pure soul and remove the emotional blockages we have placed between us and life. Based on this basic knowledge, we apply manual therapy under the name of Emotion Release. Our aim with this manual therapy is to make progress without combining emotional encodings with physical reactions and reactions.

Our work is entirely based on the mind and emotions. We are researching the way to break personal codes and we are working on the methods of applying this treatment. My professional passion and goal is to make this treatment applicable to everyone and to apply it as a whole with manual therapy, to remove the blockages we created with emotional coding and its negative effects.

“I established a concept called Emotion release manual therapy.”

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