March 5, 2022

Herniated disc

What is Non-Surgical Lumbar Hernia? What are the Symptoms and Treatment Methods? The spinal cord disorder that causes the discs between the vertebrae in the lumbar region to rupture and compress the nerves is called herniated disc. [...]
March 4, 2022
scoliosis patient


What Is Lymphedema, What Are Its Symptoms, How Is It Treated? The accumulation of fluid in the tissues is called lymphedema, and it can lead to permanent structural deterioration on the body if not treated, which reduces the quality of life. [...]
February 15 2022
scoliosis patient


What is Scoliosis, Scoliosis Disease Symptoms and Treatments Scoliosis is a kind of orthopedic disorder, also called spinal curvature in the colloquial language. Right in the neck, back and lumbar regions of the spine [...]
February 15 2022
chronic pain patient


What is Fibromyalgia, What are the Treatment Methods? Fibromyalgia is a muscular rheumatism that causes chronic and painful pain especially seen around the spine, arms and legs. [...]
February 14 2022

Dorn Therapy

What is Dorn Therapy, What are its Benefits and How Is It Applied? Dorn therapy is an organic method developed to correct misalignment of the spine and joints on the spine. for the first time in Germany [...]
February 14 2022
patient undergoing physical therapy


What is Physiotherapy, What are its Methods? Physical therapy is the determination of the disorders on the musculoskeletal and nervous system and the exercise and therapy methods applied to the person. [...]
February 14 2022

Chiropractic Therapy

What is chiropractic and how is it applied? Chiropractic is a word of Greek origin and means hand practices and is scientific and academic accepted by the World Health Organization (WHO). [...]
manual therapy ankara

Manual Therapy Ankara

Manual Therapy Ankara As Manual Therapy Ankara team, we offer you a non-surgical, permanent recovery and a pain-free life service. A pain-free life is possible and the way to achieve it [...]
manual therapy patient

What is Manual Therapy?

What is Manual Therapy? What is Manual Therapy? What is Manual Therapy, evaluation and treatment for people, especially to treat musculoskeletal-related diseases and pain [...]
technology age diseases

Technology Age Diseases

Diseases of the Age of Technology It is obvious that technology products, which have an important place in our lives and are constantly renewing themselves, make our lives easier. We can no longer imagine living without our smartphones, computers, tablets. [...]
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